Petrol packaged in Empty Table water keg as scarcity bites harder

The current situation of Petrol in Nigeria is gradually going really deep among citizens, they find it hard to buy at the normal price, and also line up on very long queues just to by at 300/liter or more exorbitant price.
This has made the widely known ‘black market’ take another dimension in reselling fuels they bought in filling stations.
Fuel are now seen on the streets being packaged in empty table water kegs to be sold to whoever is interested in buying. If a closer look isn’t taken, one would mistake this fuel for Groundut oil, and might probably end up frying ‘dodo’ with Petrol (on a lighter mood).
 IMG_20180127_124050 IMG_20180127_124048
The situation of fuel scarcity is however a major concern to the public as Nigeria has been drenched in this pool of high demand for fuel, hardly can we leave our houses to anywhere without fuel, we even find it hard to live a normal life without fuel.
Reports also have it that some marketers are taking advantage of the situation, especially in the east, some citizens on a TV show this week lamented that at some filling stations, it is sold as high as 600/litre.
IMG_20180127_124057 IMG_20180127_124100
To many Nigerians, President Buhari has really failed his promises, he vowed to return fuel to 30/litre from the normal 65/litre it was sold for during PDP era but shockingly, everything seem to be happening in the opposite.
Apparently, this is one of the reasons Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo blasted Buhari in a lengthy letter this week and adviced him not to contest in the 2019 election.
We hope fuel situation is resolved soonest to avoid some kind of disaster in the country


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