How Fuji Legend, Obesere Unlocked Impossibilities In 2017

This year, no doubt, has been a very successful one for Nigeria’s Fuji star, Alhaji Abass Qudus Akande Obesere. His own case goes in line with the popular saying that destiny can only be delayed not denied.

Truly, he was struck several times but he did not fall. His foes tried to pull him down, yet he stood firm. He was meant to be trapped, but God made him pass his enemies by. In fact, his enemies blocked all the roads but he took above.

Since the beginning of this year, God has shown him, his families and career huge favours that neither the tongue can relate nor the mouth can confess. To render a complete or detailed version of his success stories this year alone may be lengthy but only a few will be mentioned here:

Successful USA Tour
Where his enemies first started wailing was when they heard he was going for USA tour. The initial belief was that Obesere had been banned forever by the US government after his foes succeeded in resisting him for entering the God’s Own country for more than 10years.

Alas, God changed the whole story and led him into the US and had one of them best tours, visiting more than 20 states. He had to tell the promoter, Alpha Omega Promotions, to pause and continue later. He just had to come back home. The success of the tour remains a shock to his counterparts wondering how he achieved such a great feat.

International Record Deal
Another feather on his cap is the multi-million dollar International Record Deal he clinched with Freeworld Music, based in the US. The deal came as a result of his music prowess amidst many merits.

UK & Ireland Citizenships
Another good news is that he is not only a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, he is now a bonafide citizen of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. That suggests that he will, henceforth, have certain rights and will enjoy some more. Isn’t that cool?

All of these are a few impossibilities he was able to unlock for this year. For those who have followed the brand Obesere, and those who are in the know, they know Obesere, because he remains a force to reckon with, as such he has gathered a lot of enemies for no reason. But when God intervened, all that is left to say is that all these were achieved by God’s grace and nothing more.

According to the saying that goes thus: With God, nothing is impossible. That was truly the case of Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere.


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