May God Forgive my Children…Sir Shina Peters

At 58, Sir Shina Peters is still very energetic. He is the father of top music Director Clarence Peters; obviously creativity runs in the family.
The originator of afro-juju genre, in a recent interview with punch released a shocking revelation. He claimed to have slept with 100 women with their names registered in his brain till present.
Where parents pray for their children to take after them, Sir Shina Peters is one that is afraid of such, as he doesn’t want his children to take the same lane of Promiscuous act that happened in his youthfully days which he calls youthful exuberance.
In his words: “Women really dealt with me. When I didn’t even know anything about s3x, they used me a lot. I still have 100 of them and I can mention their names. They took advantage of my youthful exuberance. That’s the only thing but thanks to God I was able to correct it. In my days, when you got an artiste’s house, you get to see nothing less than 4 women in the same house. May God forgive any children of mine that has one or two negative issues because they don’t know because if they really know me they’ll know that’s how I was made.’’