HOPE Africa International, TB Joshua Is Emerging The 1st African Prophetic Pastoral Award Winner

Over the years HOPe Africa is concerned with organizational awards in United States, the last awards were conducted in 2011.
This is the first of its kind, being conducted outside the shores of United States, based on popular demand, it was measured and considered to extend to Africa as the name clearly stated; offering healthy choices and services within the continent.
TB-Joshua-SCOAN1HOPe AfricA is a nonprofit, public charity organization, formed to provide care for the poor, elderly, veterans and people with disabilities in AmericA & AfricA, needing health care services, medical equipment, medications, supplies and nutrition; including but not limited to: moral, psychological, emotional, and social well-being, nurturing them to have human dignity and decency the remainder of their lives on earth since 2000. Amongst its objectives, HOPe AfricA Recognizes, Rewards and Awards; Partners, Donors, Philanthropist with exceptional proven accomplishments.
Apart from United Nations (UN), our partners are: Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Burlington Community Foundation, Heart to Heart International, etc. Together with our network of partners, made tremendous donations to Africa and America. Currently, writing a book on “The Best Aging Practice in Africa”, shipping donations to Individually Displayed Persons (IDPs) in Nigeria and planning to set up simple-sustainable structures offering identified services.
How African Prophetic Pastoral Award came about; two years ago, a volunteer board member proposed the inclusion of “Pastoral Award”, the proposal received overwhelming endorsements. The proposer Jemmar Fleming, American-Anguilla Citizen was asked to develop the criteria and champion the search for the best Pastor in consultation with board members.
Board reminded Pastor Fleming rules must be followed to the latter, 18 months’ timeframe, internet evaluations, including at least one travel to each region is necessary or work with trusted proxy. May also undertakes a couple of secret praises, worship, fellowship with parishioners.
More strictures used for award are: Evangelism, Mission, Charities, Community Services, Spiritual Gifts- Prophetic, Healing, Word, Miracles, Humanitarian work, Governmental influence, International Acceptance, Number of years in ministry, Number of ministers and Ministries under leadership. A total score of 89% – 100% determines overall winner!
Over 30 African Pastors was carefully selected for this exercise, 4 pastors made the final list. Below are the pastors with their scores of each region:
· Pastor Paseka Mboro Motsoeneng 87.5 % (South Africa);
· Pastor Gary Skinner 88% (East Africa);
· Pastor Jerry Antonie 85.5% (Central Africa) and
· Prophet TB Joshua 90.5% (West Africa)
Reading the above, Prophet TB Joshua from West Africa – Nigeria is currently leading the selection process, with the highest scores. Meanwhile, recommendations and appeals to pastor’s respective countries/regions are expected to conclude exercise (5% is allotted), must be turned in not later than February 15th. 2016.

The 1st. African Prophetic Pastoral Award Winner will be determined in a couple weeks, when all compilations are finally compared, reviewed and approved. Pastor with the highest score will be contacted by courier immediately.
Part of the criteria is, a couple of humanely beneficial projects will be undertaken at the country of the overall winner of the “African Prophetic Pastoral Award Winner”. Among the projects are:
· Training, development and certification of nurse assistants (auxiliary nurses);
· Setting up International standard children and adult daycares;
· Providing teaching aids, basic needs, food, clothes, etc.;
· Free annual medical checkups and monthly physical checkups;
· Elderly supported housing, schools/care for people with disabilities;
· Veterans Exchange Program;
· First Aid and CPR trainings;
· Subsidized medicine and medical deliveries;
· Free annual international physicians’/nurse visits;
· Tracing and uniting separated families at disasters, etc.
Nigeria Contraversial PreacherIn considering any of the above, partnership is soughted with interested; government, organizations or individuals, specifically to provide secured buildings to commence any of the aforementioned. Pending movement towards permanent locations. Whatever way either this is perceived, the outcomes are far reaching the needy, providing free-affordable healthcare, healthy living and job creation.
For award presentation ceremony, five members have been approved to determine where and when award will take place. Among the team are: Pastor Jemmar Fleming, London Haringey Housing Manager Mr. William John. Possibly the founder and chief executive officer of HOPe Africa will be in attendance.
When contacted Mr. Francis John the founder of HOPe Africa and Chief Executive seem to appreciate the new award category, promised to expand award to other areas of paramount needs, while addressing supplies of basic needs in a timely manner, without discrimination. He also thanked volunteers and participants in the exercise, and wish to congratulate whosoever emerged winner of 1st. African Prophetic Pastoral Award.