How Bro. Joshua Iginla Predicted hike in fuel price (VIDEO)

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. The present crisis Nigeria has found herself in shouldn’t be a surprise because it has been predicted at the beginning of this year but it seems those in power failed to give their attention towards that direction.
The country right now is going through series of crises.
The latest development which has caused havoc, pains, and panic in the minds of citizens is the hike in the Petroleum price. It was moved from N86 per litre to a cumbersome N145 per litre. It made a lot of people afraid of what tomorrow holds because without Petrol, the economy is as good as empty and a little hike in the price of petroleum will affect everything in the country.
Checks by  revealed that Abuja-based Prophet, Bro. Joshua Iginla, predicted this situation during his new year Prophecies.
In his words, ‘’I see fuel price rising and the masses helpless over it. Attempt will be made to curb the price but it will not work. ‘’

The Prophet can be regarded to as one of the true Prophets called by God as all his Prophecies before now came to pass.
It would be recalled that he predicted Gov. Wike’s Victory in court, Re-surfacing of Ebola virus in Liberia, Emergence of Pres. Lungu in Zambia, to mention a few
VIDEO LINK : How Pro. Iginla Predicted Hike in Petrol price