My Throne has been Earlier Predicted from Celestial Church of Christ- OONI OF IFE OBA ADEYEYE OJAJA 11

The unification of Celestial Church of Christ worldwide took another leap recently at Ile Ife Osun State. When the Ooni of Ife, His Imperial Majesty, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja 11 was astonished to receive the unification leader of CCC worldwide In person of Rev Olatoso Oshofa in his Veritable palace. Ife was agog during the arrival of Unification Leader; this confirmed the popular saying in Yoruba Land which says; “give honor to whom honor is due”. What inspired and amazed both the chief and elders who were on sit was when the Oni in his speech reverence God as the King of all Kings. to3He also alleged; many Christians go to Church for the sake of been a Christian knowing fully-well they are not serving God. But, if the Ojaja 11 may ask; are the Christians serving God? No, but God is the one serving people. My people in the Lord if I may ask; what are you doing for God? Do you cook food for him to eat? Have you ever seen God to know how He looks? The only God who can kill at the same time gives live, then why are you Christians fighting to the extent of conspiring against one another? Let me reference Him more because I love him. He is the king of yesterday, today and forevermore. to1No one has ever seen God but, we only see him through the mercy of his handmade. Then why the crisis within Celestial Church? According to a reliable source, it was chronicled during the life time of Late Oshofa here in Ile Ife; Olatoso Oshofa was publicly flaunted by Baba Pastor Maforikan to unify the entire CCC worldwide. Therefore, CCC worldwide must not die. If I may use the language; God gave the power of vision to Celestial Church. The reason I said this is because I could vividly recollect many years back that the position I found myself today was predicted in CCC. Even former President, Baba Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo with his support was aware of CCC Unification worldwide led by Olatoso Oshofa.’’to2
Speaking further, The Ojaja 11 encouraged “ Olatoso Oshofa to do his best to re-unite CCC worldwide together, as ambassador for the Unification just according his late father Oshofa did during his lifetime’’
Thereafter, Rev Olatoso Oshofa was blessed and endorsed by Oba Adeyeye Ooni of Ife Ojaja 11. It was there Rev Olatoso Oshofa were officially invited for 3 days mini crusade which was held at Ijesha Land by CCC inside Owa Obokun’s compand under the theme ‘losing the Bound of Satan’ where Rev.Olatoso were given the honor to round up the crusade. In attendance is Owa Obokun with his eminent chiefs and many respected CCC Prophets ant Prophetess.to4