WATCH : REVEALED!! Prophet Joshua Iginla predicted Emmanuel Macron’s victory thrice + Confirmation of South Korea Presidential Election

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The emergence of France just elected President, Emmanuel Macron wouldn’t be complete without the Prophecy of Popular Nigerian Prophet, Brother Joshua Iginla, who is the shepherd incharge of Champions Royal Assembly.
During the cross-over night service On 31st of December, 2016, he made a prophecy concerning the election of France and hinted about the outcome ‘The election will be strong and tough because of some internal rancour within the ruling party, they should pray to sustain their position because I see a new party pushing the ruling party from the helms of affairs’.
To further buttress this, Again on the 16th of April during a live service at his Abuja church, he re-emphasised on it and said ‘ I just don’t know, just like what happened in the USA, the ruling should pray, I see a force of joint task force, I see someone not too popular, not looking vibrant likely becoming the president of France, I see that person emerging from nowhere because of the wind of change going on everywhere.
For the third time, on the 23rd of April, he said ‘I see a strong election, I see a battle, I just see a new party wrestling down the ruling party, you should pray that what we saw in U.S should not repeat itself in France’ It would be recalled that the Fiery prophet also predicted a run-off, which took place after the no candidate won a majority in the first round of the election. However, as predicted, On 7th of May, 2017, 39-year old Emmanuel Macron from the opposition party won the election. Same day, during his church service, Prophet Joshua Iginla talked on what the aftermath of the election will look like. ‘ For France, i only want to develop on their election, its not about who wins the election, it’s about the aftermath, i see a lot of attacks, protest, we need to pray for them so that a mighty nation with sophisticated weapon will not lose like one of the Africa countries that can’t handle terrorism, i see bitterness, i see people in charge of terrorism allowing it to come into the country’
Advising the just elected Emmanuel Macron, Prophet Iginla said he sees internal bitterness and they need to pray, One of the task he might underestimate might be one of the biggest headache, economy will do well but the security will be a big storm and a big battle’
Meanwhile, On the 7th of May, 2017, during his church service, he also spoke about the election of South Africa. He said ‘’ South Korea is going to be a big battle, I see a man with strong influence been supported by foreign nations, I see the ruling party saying bye bye to their sit, I’m seeing somebody with a sensitive name like moon it’s a battle of two lions and one tiger, the tiger will lose out and it will be between two lions, one lion will win not only by experience but with the support of other lions outside, if allowed that way, things will go the way it needs to go , as predicted, on the 9th of May, 2017, Moon Ja-In was announced winner of the south Korean election.

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