“Shebi they said they have structure, why then did you send your thugs?” Falz asks as he recounts thug attack in his polling unit

Folarin Falana, better known as Falz, has recounted the violence that played out in his polling unit when thugs invaded to disrupt voting. 

He explained that the thugs came at about 11:50am and began snatching phones and beating people. 

“They destroyed a couple of ballot boxes before the military eventually arrived,” he added. 

He then asked: “I just have a question. Shebi they say ‘structure, structure,  structure’. They have all the structure in the world when it comes to political stuff. What then happened? Why then did you send your thugs?” 

He added that in spite of the violence, Labour Party won the presidential votes with 108 votes, APC got 31 votes and PDP got 2 votes.

Watch the video below.