Prophecy Confirmation: How Prophet Joshua Iginla’s Prediction on Kenya election came to pass (VIDEO)

Abuja based Prophet, Bro. Joshua Iginla has scored another high point as his two major predictions about Kenyan election came to pass.
Contrary to speculations that the opposition party candidate , Raila would win the election, the humble clergy fearlessly prophesy that he saw the incumbent president retaining the seat miraculously .
In July 23rd, 2017, During a Live service at his Abuja Church, Prophet Joshua Iginla revealed how the Kenya President would win according to how God Showed him and also made emphasis on it on August 6, 2017.

‘The nation of Kenya has to pray. I have been praying and I see a leader sitting on a seat. Three were taken out of the four legs of the seat and I saw this leader still sitting and didn’t fall. I don’t know how he managed to remain seated, it is a miracle. It’s going to be a narrow escape for the ruling party ’’.
Just as he said, it was recorded that most Kenyans thought Raila would win the election. Interestingly, the opposition was allegedly leading as declared by NASA. It was shocking and unbelievable as the tide turns miraculously and IEBC declared Kenyantta President.
Furthermore, Iginla, who was celebrated as being the only clergy to have predicted Zambia’s election accurately, made a prophecy that the Aftermath of Kenya election would be bloody but because of divine intervention, it would be reduced as a sign to confirm his revelation.
‘I see attack, Violence, bloodshed after Kenya’s presidential election. But I saw some great men of God praying for the land. I saw their prayers going up like a bubble and God said to me what is supposed to happen that would have been terrible have been averted. Although they will see a sign but it won’t be as terrible as it was supposed to be’.
And Just as he said, violence erupted over the election result resulting in death of about 11 lives but not as much as it was foreseen, so far , which confirmed the prophetic declaration of the clergy.

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