Neighbour Calls Police On New Homeowner As She Looks ‘Too Young To Own Property’

One woman was left baffled by her new neighbour’s behaviour, after she refused to believe that the 20-year-old had purchased the home, and called the police on her.

It’s important to make a good first impression on your neighbours when moving into a new home.

Unfortunately for one woman, it seems like she may never get on with her closest neighbour after the pair fell out early on.

Taking to Reddit, she explained the nightmare situation – where she revealed the woman called the police after becoming suspicious she was actually squatting.

Understandably, she wasn’t impressed by this – but her dad told her she should have shown the documents showing she owed the home to stop the row escalating.

The 20-year-old purchased the home cheaply after the former owner died and is now working to improve it.

But just three weeks after moving in, a row erupted between her and her neighbour, who is in her fifties.

She wrote: “My next-door neighbour, I’ll call her Jane, came out and introduced herself. I explained that I just moved in and was preparing my yard for spring.

“She said it was nice that someone was doing some work for the old man and gave me a spiel about how it’s a quiet neighbourhood and I shouldn’t have parties.

“I told her I don’t throw parties but was planning on hosting a housewarming and Thanksgiving soon.

“She said it’s weird to throw a housewarming when I was renting. I told her I own the house. She didn’t believe me but went home.

“Last week, I was out painting my front door. She stormed over yelling that I better have permission to paint someone else’s house. I again told her I own the home.

“She started yelling that I was too young to buy a house and she was contacting my landlord.

“I told her to stop being a busybody and leave me alone. She started demanding proof. I told her it was none of her business and to get off my property.

“She walked to the edge of her yard and called the police saying I was a squatter. When they showed up, I showed them my paperwork and asked them to [remove] her from my home. Jane is still angry.

“I was talking to my dad the next day asking what I should do. He said I was an ass for making enemies with my neighbours and said I should have just shown her to put her mind to rest.”

Asking for help on whether she’d been an a**hole, people were quick to offer her support.

One person commented: “Your neighbour made an enemy of you, not the other way around. She bullied you because of your age, this is not your fault. You didn’t owe her proof of homeownership at all. She’s not entitled to that, she’s a stranger.”

Another added: “Yes, to keep the peace, showing her proof of ownership may have been an option, but you shouldn’t have to prove yourself to everyone that’s questioning you because you’re young.”