Massive Fraud Rocks Union Bank as Customers Fund Gets missing +How the Bank fails to safeguard customer’s interest and why it’s witnessing panic withdrawals

Union Bank of Nigeria PLC has been visited with massive fraud allegations as customers has expressed shocking disappearance of funds and illegal debit transactions of their money kept with the bank.
It has become important to note that Union Bank PLC has portrayed their fraudulent acts with these recent developments. Thousands of customers have gathered at different branches of the bank nation wide to complain of this worrisome issue
One of the victims who happen to be in her mid-70s and a pensioner trying to make a living with the little she has, revealed that the Situation still remains a shock to her. While narrating her ordeal, she said a customer care agent of the bank called her yesterday Wednesday, 11th Oct, 2017 at about evening time to inform her of some inappropriate transactions about to take place on her account with them and asked if he should block the account or not, out of trust for the bank, she consented and asked him to block the account in order to ensure her money is safe, which was done immediately.
As a customer who would love to know what happened, she went to the bank today Thursday, 12th Oct, 2017 to make enquiries and to also request for the re-opening of the account. She was then told to write a letter and request for a new ATM card which she did, meanwhile the account was still blocked.
Surprisingly, on getting home, a debit alert amounted to thousands of naira was sent to her phone and she began to wonder how a transaction could occur on an account that has been blocked.
Questions being raised by her include how the customer care Could notice that a transaction was going on in her account and couldn’t stop it? Since he claimed it has been blocked, how a Transaction occurred, a fraudster having access to her account and could not withdraw all the money ones, how on earth could an invisible have access to a bank customer’s savings? Who is refunding the old pensioner’s money?
All these questions remain unanswered by the bank executives as a lot of customers are also in these same shoes.

Visits to some of their branches by our correspondents, it was found out that among 100 bank customers, 90 of them came to complain this same issue and other distressing occurrences with the bank.
This has portrayed Union Bank PLC as an irresponsible and imprudent bank since funds are no longer safe in their care
Banks are meant to be places where money and valuables are being kept safe from any form of theft but the table has been turned In the case of Union Bank PLC
However, details of how the transactions went down on the account will be published soon.

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