Man Forcefully Evacuated from a Lagos-bound Flight after Shouting “Tinubu must not be sworn in as President “{video}

There was chaos inside an Abuja to Lagos flight on Ibom Air on Friday evening, March 31, after a man was forcefully evacuated from the aircraft for allegedly declaring that the President-elect, Bola Tinubu, must not be sworn in as President.

According to reports, the man stood in the middle of the plane and raised his voice, stating that Tinubu must never be sworn in, adding that there would be “war” if that happened.

Worried by his comments, the crew on the plane immediately alerted the airport security authorities who evacuated him after holding up the aircraft for more than an hour.

A video making the rounds on social media, shows the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria security men carrying the man off the plane, as he kept shouting, “Obidients, you’re here. They are doing this to me. Obidients you’re here, I am naked. Obidients you’re here, I am going naked.”

Watch the clip from the incident below