Just U Magazine Honours Balmoral Convention As 2020 Most Outstanding Event Center – CEO, Mr Ezekiel Adamu Pledge To Uphold Group’s Peak

The Balmoral Convention Centre is located on the premises of the Federal Palace Hotel, a 5 star luxury hotel that offers state of the art facility and
comforts of unimaginable proportions. Ideally situated in the heart of Victoria Island, the Balmoral Convention Centre is the preferred venue for gatherings of all kinds in the region.

The partnership between Federal Palace and The Balmoral Group is one that ensures they cover end to end needs of event organizers. The state of the art facilities of the Convention Centre guarantees memorable events and home is not far off as rooms are available at the Federal Palace Hotel that offer comfort at its very best.

Mr Ezikiel Adamu Born as the first scion to one of Nigeria’s seasoned Sports Administrators, Dr Amos Adamu, Ezekiel Adamu, is known not for sports like his father, but for events management.Mr Ezekiel Adamu is the Chief Executive Officer of Balmoral Group, and organiser of the International Drinks Festival (IDR) in Nigeria. Ezekiel has a first degree in Computer science from the University of Luton, UK, and a master’s degree in Financial Decision Analysis from the University of Portsmouth.His first job was with Schlumberger, Nigeria. Driven by motivation he then went on to establish the Balmoral Group 15 years ago. With a lot of irons in the fire, Adamu has achieved quite a lot under the umbrella of Balmoral Group.

His International Drinks Festival which brings together industry stakeholders and over 18,000 attendees in grand stylefocuses on both business and consumer activities.

The second edition of the International Drinks Festival also served as a platform for mixologists, brand managers, entertainment connoisseurs and bottling companies, while also featuring masterclasses, networking, exhibitions and food and drink tasting.

Ezekiel Adamu, boss of Balmoral Group, a 360 events company need not prove himself any further, as he is achieved.
Ezekiel Adamu is happily married with 2 Kids.

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