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As we all know, we are still in the season of celebrating our children and the best way to celebrate them is by giving them a lifetime ‘assurance’, making them sees they are secured for life.
Adron Homes, which is arguably the biggest real estate dealers in the country, is on ground to fill that vacuum and make it easy for parents who are willing to give their children a life time assurance.
It is no other than the Young Landlord package which the company began during the children’s day period. With just N50,000 down payment and balance spread within 12months for lands in Lagos, Ibadan, Ogun, Abuja, Your 5-Year-old son can be a land owner.
Apart from that, for anyone who is willing to pay an outright payment on any land or house will qualify for a scholarship and an enjoyment of 20% discount, free bags, kid raincoat and educational items will be attached .
In her words, the Group Chief Operating Officer (G.C.O.O) of Adron Homes and Properties, Mrs. Fisayo Oloruntoba said the promo cut across all regions where their estate is located which includes Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja and Ogun state.
Furthermore, she expounded further that the reason for the promo is to provide services, better live and conducive housing for the upcoming ones; it’s should not be only the rich or well-do people can procure better future for their children, this must be thinkable and achievable by every parent and that is why we are using Young Landlord Promo as a way of making this dream come true for all diligent parents.
She said most people believe it takes only the rich to live in decent neighborhood but at Adron Homes, we are willing to make every Nigerian a delighted home owner.
No doubt, there is no other real estate dealers in the country that have done up to what Adron Homes have done, not necessarily about the present one, but looking at their records, it won’t be out of point to note that Adron Homes is one of the most philanthropic organization in Africa, and this cut across other sectors of the economy.
It would be recalled that every year, Adron Homes roll out a package known as the LEMON FRIDAY. It is a particular day where there will be massive discounts on all lands and it has benefitted a lot of people in the country, it comes up in December and bags of rice, chicken, are attached, making the festive period easier for Nigerians to afford.
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Furthermore, There has never been any festive period, notable events in the country that Adron Homes doesn’t give out promos, there is Ramadan Promo that’s on going too, Ileya Festival Promo,, Easter Celebration, Christmas Celebration, Children’s day, to mention a few.
Adron Homes and Properties is a PAN-AFRICAN Real Estate Development Company that has provides the highest number of decent, accessible, comfortable and affordable housing while achieving global housing standards in Nigeria.

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