Akute In Ogun State Boils As Over 50 Guests Died After Attending Yahoo Boy’s Party

Reports making rounds online now is that not less than 50 people have lost their lives after attending a birthday party of a suspected Yahoo boy in Akute, Ogun state.

According to the reports, the incident happened last week and since then there have been numerous reports of young people losing their lives in the area.

A Twitter user identified as @pelumiawotedu broke the news on Twitter and many others users have waded in the discussion, corroborating his claims.

In the story making rounds, the yahoo boy celebrated his birthday party in a grand style on Sunday with over 50 of his friends in attendance.

Unfortunately, it’s been alleged that 50 of those friends in attendance are dying mysteriously.

Some Twitter users living within the same area left a comment about the incident that occurred on the fateful Sunday.

@ysquare_r also claimed that his neighbor lost her friend, her child, and son to the strange incident.

He also claimed that a man in his street who attended the birthday party with four of his friends, five of them are all dead.

According to another report,

“Last Sunday, a Yahoo boy threw a birthday party somewhere around Alagbole Akute area of Lagos, gorged his guests full of drink and food and within the next few days over 50 people that attended that party have died mysteriously.

“I did personal findings today and was reliably informed that the death toll is on the steady.

“As of this morning over 71 deaths in total.

“Doctors claim it is food poisoning, and even though about 26 of the guests that attended that party died within hours of reaching home, health experts are still trying to connect the dots to a theory they can scientifically explain.

“Of course this ‘Yahoo boy’ is at large and nowhere to be found as I speak, but one of his neighbours and friends to his elder brother who somehow didn’t attend the party has revealed that this celebrant mixed almost 15 kilos of human feces in the food cooked and served to guests.

“He postulates that this was to serve as some kind of ritualistic assignment to fortify his influence and exponentially increase his wealth.

“Where the suspect gathered that amount of human waste, no one will ever know but this is the story making the rounds.”