Admission: Maritime academy to admit 248 cadets

Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron.

Retired Commodore Duja Effedua, the Rector of Maritime Academy of Nigeria (MAN) on Saturday says the academy is set to admit 248 cadets for the 2018/2019 Academic Session.

He disclosed that 160 cadets would be admitted for the Higher National Diploma (HND), while 88 would go for National Diploma (ND).

Admission for the 2017/2018 academic session was earlier put on hold due to restructuring and to create conducive environment for cadets to study.

According to the rector, the new intakes’ admission will be based purely on merit.

He recalled that “we used to admit between 1,200 and 2000 cadets per stream. That won’t happen anymore. In our next admission, we are taking only 88 cadets for the National Diploma level and about 160 for the Higher National Diploma level.

“Gone are those days when cadets are admitted based on affiliations to somebody up there, and at the end of the day, what the academy produces is quantity and not quality.

“It is important the academy manages what it can handle.”

The ND 2018/2019 courses include: Nautical Studies, Electrical/Electronic Engineering and Maritime Transport and Business Studies, while the HND courses are: Nautical Studies, Marine Engineering, Maritime Transport and Business Management for two years.

The Cadets will start registration on Nov. 19 and resume the session on Dec. 1.

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