Why Ghanaian Actress, Nikki Samonas Prefers Mature Men

Why Ghanaian Actress, Nikki Samonas Prefers Mature Men

Aaliyah sang “Age ain’t nothing but a number” and many celebrity women took it to heart by falling for men much, much older and matured than them.

Some have preferences when it comes to picking a mate and Ghanaian actress Nikki Samonas is certainly one of them. The controversial actress has revealed that she prefers dating matured men due to her
unpleasant experience in some of her past relationships.

According to her, mature men understand the nature of her job and won’t ask unnecessary questions. “I now choose mature men and the current man I am dating is matured; he understands the nature of my
job, he understands the industry and he has been very supportive,” she said in an interview with Ghana’s Star FM. She added: “There are instances where he reads or sees something about me and he calls to tell
me what he has seen. Sometimes we laugh over the stories.”

Nikki, whose real name is Nicoletta Samonas, is a model born to a Greek father and Ghanaian mother and is most popular for her controversial X-rated scene with Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke in the movie, My First
Wife, in 2012.‎

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