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(L-R): Kufre Ekanem, Corporate Affairs Adviser, Nigerian Breweries Plc; Ruth Osime, Editor, ThisDay Style; Mrs. Ngozi Princewill-Utchay, CEO, Artelier Lifestyle Consultants; Chidike Oluaoha, Senior Brand Manager, Amstel Malta; at the official launching of Amstel Malta’s new campaign, Why Add More held in Lagos… recently

Amstel Malta, one of the leading malt brands from the stable of Nigerian Breweries Plc (the foremost brewing company), recently launched a new credential campaign tagged Why Add More.
The Campaign which is currently storming the airwaves and billboards across the country was introduced to re-inforce the brand’s positioning as the Premium Malt Drink, with an Original Formulation that contains Less Sugar and is enriched with essential vitamins and minerals.
The campaign leverages relatable metaphors and humor to portray the idea that adding more unnecessarily, could spoil the balance.
The TV commercial shows a wedding reception scenario, where the best man gives an eloquent speech which should have ended with a toast to the bride and groom but instead decides to add more, unnecessary entertainment, which did not go well with the celebrants and guests.
In referencing the campaign, The Portfolio Manager – Non Alcoholic Drinks, Nigerian Breweries, Mr.Olayinka Bakare said “The Why Add More campaign, touches on a fundamental truth about our esteemed consumers and the Amstel Malta Brand. The campaign is truly world class and will further re-enforce Amstel Malta’s place as the Premium Malt Drink, with an Original formulation that contains Less Sugar and is enriched with vitamins and minerals” he stated.
Through this campaign, Amstel Malta educates consumers on the delicate balance of its original malt formulation, which contains less sugarbut with all the full taste theycan enjoy. It also strengthens the brand’s positioning,of “Being the Best One Can Be”, in unique and truly distinctive way.

Analyzing the campaign message, as it relates to everyday fashion, Ruth Osime, Editor, ThisDay Style expressed the importance of building internal confidence rather than placing too much emphasis on the outlook.
Osime said: “Your inner confidence is a reflection of how you look outside. You do not have to wear large overbearing accessories before you can tell your fashion story. It is important you stay happy inside you.”

Ngozi Princewill-Utchay, CEO, Artelier Lifestyle Consultants, advised against over-indulgence or excessive eating. She opined that “our body knows when we have had enough…but many people do abuse their bodies by over-indulging.” In her concluding note, she emphasized that less is indeed more and there is no need adding more unnecessarily.

According to Mr. Chidike Oluaoha, the Senior Brand Manager – Amstel Malta: “The Why Add More campaign re-enforces the less sugar positioning of Amstel Malta compared to other mainstream malt brands, whilst emphasizing the importanceof not adding more unnecessarily. Knowing the right balance is a vital fact of life as is the case in fashion, style, wedding, sports, etc.” he said.
Kufre Ekanem, Corporate Affairs Adviser pointed out that the target of the new Amstel Malta Why Add More campaign is to inspire consumers towards enhancing their overall wellbeing.