“When You Move Closer To God As A Committed Child, God Moves For You At All Time” — Dr Chris Okafor

  • I believe in miracles, any Pastor without fire of God and Power is a carpenter

If what bothered God , does not bother you, what bothered you will not be bother by God, Also if you are not committed to the things of God be sacrifice, convenant, God had myself in return will not be committed to you in the days of trouble

The Lead Pastor of Grace Nation international aka Liberation city Dr Chris Okafor while Preaching on the Topic with sub-tittle “The Power of Service and Dedication” During the Glorious Sunday Service on 11th September 2022 at the International Headquarters of the church in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria.

The Generational Prophet of God as he is fondly called by Faithful emphasised that God is always committed to those who serve him wholeheartedly and sacrificially, he continue by saying that safety is of the Lord and he gives it to his beloved ones as your service in the kingdom will speak for you one day, if kingdom service, advancement, sacrifice move you, then whatever move you must moved God. In every service there is next level/dimension.

Speaking in another dimension, the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor boosted that he believes in Miracle, he frawned at some pastor who claims that they are called and are not empower by the Spirit of God to perform signs and wonders , the Apostle of altars Dr Okafor said any Pastor that cannot perform Miracle, by Pulling down the Power of God are nothing but a carpenter in the vineyard, I believe in Power, I cannot serve a God without power, because if you do God will as a servant of God, he will give you power, Dr Chris okafor remarks

The realms of the Prophetic took another dimension at the service while God his servant, the Generational Prophet of God to demystifies misery surrounding many people in bondage, Particularly was a case of a woman who was afflicted with series of diseases, thks woman have been living with those diseases purely because of Jealousy from a very close relative that turn herself to the strong man of that family, her case file was visited and prayed for by the Man of God and she was delivered immediately

There were other healings and deliverance at the service, bloodline and terminal diseases removed, while miracle babies were released to mothers by God through his servant , the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor.