Video of People Offering Songs of Praise at Muritala Muhammed International Airport Surfaced Online


It was a serene evening of Sunday 28th, Oct 2018, a rare event occurs at Arrival side of Muritala Muhammed International Airport as people waiting to receive their loved ones arriving back to Nigeria were seen chanting praise and worship songs aloud in distinctive tones.

Arrival sides of Lagos International Airport were seen agog; when people started stirring different worship songs.

An eye witness recalls; “It was a woman that started it, I have seen her on Television; I think she is a Gospel Artiste. Unobserved, she just stood there and loudly offers a song; before we all knew what was happening; we had started singing along and Praising God for Nigeria. It was a good indication as this is much needed now in our country’’.
Watch the Video Here…

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