THE BEST WEIGHT-LOSS ADVICE YOU’LL EVER GET | And it comes from Nollywood Star, Oma Iyasara
Oma Emmanuella Iyasara has the gift of enabling you to explore yourself many times over. In a more romantic era, she would have been a painter’s delight, with her striking persona and exuberance, among other
classic features.

A graduate of Mass Communication from Imo State University, Oma has had some successes in the movie industry since she featured in Obi Emelonye’s Last Flight to Abuja.

The winner of the City People ‘Best Actress of the Year 2015’ recently sparked plenty of debate after her drastic weight loss, leaving many to wonder if it was just an active lifestyle that caused The Wrong Selfie
actress to lose those pounds in less than a year? Or did she have some medical intervention?

Oma finally came clean about this admirable transformation, saying: “I stopped eating a whole lot of junk, stopped alcohol and I started eating rice only on Sundays.”
She added: “I ate right and did a lot of juicing and vegetables… And then I skipped a whole lot and once in a while I would cycle with my daddy.

“Many called and asked what pill I was taking or what tea, but I told them I wasn’t on any. Many doubted, many believed. I am not at my desired target but so far, I am loving the success and am proud of me.”

Pictured here in 2014 with a colleague (left) and looking considerably slimmer in 2015 (right). What do you think of her remarkable transformation?


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