Tears and pain will never leave his family — Lady places curse on Nigerian man who sexually assaulted her

A lady, Reme, has taken to Twitter to place curses on a Nigerian man she accused of sexually assaulting her. 

“The man who sexually assaulted me and the band of roaches who helped him, their families and children are cursed to the ends of the earth. And I’m Edo, so this will manifest before the end of the year. Trust me,” she tweeted on Monday, August 14. 

“It’s all good, nothing to heal from. I just want to hear that tears and pain never leave his family,” 

“He has a child and I’m praying that (since I’m someone’s child) he goes through ten times the pain my parents did in his lifetime,” 

“This dude literally told me I was the problem, insulted me and yelled at me, and said I was controlling, lacked accountability because he tried to rape me and I clearly didn’t want it. Like I’m sorry I’m not like the women in your family who fuck for bread and butter,”

“The only reason I’m not posting screenshots and receipts is because social media doesn’t really do much. It won’t truly affect them. So I hope the witches and wizards of Nigeria can help me curse them until I hear back they’ve mysteriously met circumstances beyond possibility”