Prophet Samiye Global Ministry Storms Chicago with Four days Powers packed Revival

The Shepherd in charge of Angel of Christ Gospel Church Inc., Prophet Olabode Samiye is currently in the Nation of USA, CHICAGO with a four days powers packed Dasoromi Revival Themed: ‘THE EGYPTIANS WHOM YOU HAVE SEEN TODAY’…

The programme is slated to begin on Tuesday, 1st of August, 2017 to Friday, 4th of August, 2017
The ‘Dasoromi Revival’ isn’t strange among his Nigerian followers as it has been a programme that comes up every Wednesday in his Nigerian church and it has blessed a lot of people and still blessing a lot of citizens of the country.
Different miracles and wonders have emanated from this powers packed programme, the blind have seen, lame has walks, the chained has been set free, and many divers miracles. No doubt, the wonders that will be taking place during the programme in Chicago will be more enormous.
It would be recalled that earlier this year, Prophet Samiye prophesied the emergence of Donald Trump as the USA President and also raised a baby from death to life with a holy bible.


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