PMAN woo Nigerian Artistes with Biometric ID Card, Songs Barcoded/encoded, Musicians Health Insurance Policy

The new PMAN is set to design new initiatives and reactivating defunct projects, to also restructure and realign the Nigeria music industry for the betterment of Nigerian musicians and music industry operators.
President of The Performing Musicians Employers’ Association Of Nigeria, PMAN Mr. Pretty Okafor made this known while briefing journalists after a Seminar organized by City people and PMAN in Lagos.
He said, ” PMAN is the only registered Trade Union, so automatically before you practice music in a creative industry, you belong to PMAN. We have lots of benefits now in PMAN. As a member, you get the benefit of Media Distribution Network (MDN), PMAN Biometric ID Card, The Nigeria Music Industry Directory,Pension plan, Life Insurance of 5 million instantly, Musicians Health Insurance Policy and PMAN App.
In his word, Sunny Neji said, “In PMAN, this new Exco, is trying to deviate from the act of selfish life, we have introduced a few things, to create a platform for the next regime. We have brought in the Barcode and in a short while, every song we are releasing in this country will be bar-coded. and we have the support of the Federal Government, so that we can have a guaranteed income for artistes. The PMAN Bio-metric ID Card will give every musicians a sense of belonging, because in your card, you will have health insurance, Medical Insurance, therefore, we are urging every Nigerian artistes to buy into this is going to re-position the industry”.
Michael Stephens best known as Ruggedman said, “The ideas the president shared with me attracted me to PMAN. The Bar-coding and encoding for artistes songs and bringing a structure to the Nigerian entertainment industry to make every Nigerian artistes earn a living from their sweat. To get paid for every song released. When you register, you will be able to log on and track down numbers of downloads, where its been downloaded from” he concluded.
Felix Duke popularly know as Mr Goody Goody, urged young artistes to buy into this new initiative by PMAN for future. He said, ” If you look at Bob Marley’s family, he is not alive but his family is benefiting from Bob Marley’s loyalty today. Diana Ross has not release any album for about 34 years but she is living, she changes her private jet. We have a structures now in PMAN for pension and for insurance. Any where your song is being played in the world, you are making money as a PMAN Member. To benefit you need to register as a PMAN Member. Its a blessing, a new dawn”.
Justpyetv report that, the Seminar which was tagged “How The Newly Revamped PMAN Can Help Your Career” took place at White House, Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos on Wednesday, 21st of September, 2016 saw entertainment stakeholders, Music Artistes and Employers, Movie Actors and Producers, Entertainment Writers and the creative industry.
The Theme- How The Newly Revamped PMAN Can Help Your Career
Guest Speakers like Pretty Okafor (Interim President), Rap artiste Michael Stephens Ruggedman, Sunny Neji and Mr Goody goody to mention but few.
THE Nigeria music industry is the largest and most vibrant music scene in the whole of Africa. With over 100 million music consumers, scores of recording companies, an army of music marketers, a multitude of media and a never-ending flow of top talent no other market comes close. PMAN is in the foremost advocate and campaigner for artistes’ rights and the music industry in general in the country.

You can use your mobile phone to register now. To register,
follow the guidelines below:
Text: PMAN(space)First Name(space)Last
Name(space)Date Of Birth :Day/Month/Year(space)Gender(space)marital
Then send the text to 33122. For example: PMAN Ibrahim Musa 04/11/1968 F S. After you have sent the text, you will receive a message with a code, then go with this code to any branch of Heritage Bank nearest to you and pay N5, 000.00 and collect your ID Card. Note: Five thousand naira only!