An Olivetian and Graduate of Computer Science from University of Lagos Turns Furniture Maker

In the economy today, It’s no doubt that every graduates wants a white-collar Job, a place where they will be placed under a fixed amount called ‘salary’, restricting them from being useful to themselves, working for another person’s success, and at the end of the day have nothing to show for it.
It has also become a culture for the youth of nowadays to roam about every city, submitting their CVs, walking around with certificates, yet there will be no job due to the harshness of the economic condition when they could empower themselves to do one thing or the other and become a boss on their own
However, even in the midst of so many struggles, the world has finally have someone to celebrate, one who have gone against all odds to think differently and become an employer of Labour.
He is no other than Abodurin Afolayan Olufisayo. He graduated from Olivet Baptist Height School, Oyo in 2001 and He’s also a Second class graduate of the Prestigious University of Lagos (UNILAG) who studied Computer Science and graduated in 2009.
He is the CEO of A.O.E Furniture which he floated in 2011 after graduating from UNILAG and since then has become a First class firm where different kinds of Furniture can be found. He deals with Home and Office furniture, Hotel Furniture, Kitchen Cabinet and Wardrobe, Furniture Re-Furbishment and lots more.
According to him, he revealed that Passion is everything that drove him into furniture and that he already had an idea of furniture making even before he started his secondary school education. Talking about if his parents are in support of what he does after going to the University to study computer science, he made it known that he has the full support of his parents because they’ve seen how passionate he is about the craft.
The passionate Young man is happily married.