Lecturer shares her experience after spending a night at TB Joshua's church

Lecturer Shares Her Experience after Spending a Night at TB Joshua’s church

A lecturer of the Imo State University has shared her experience after visiting the late TB Joshua’s church.

Gloria Ernest-Samuel decided to speak out after BBC released a documentary exposing the alleged abuse the late preacher subjected members to.

She wrote: “I passed a night at Synagogue and l know TB Joshua wasn’t a prophet of God.”

She added: “It’s good people are speaking out now. I told those close to me that he was not a Man of God.”

Her friends reacted, asking why she kept quiet all along. Others pointed out TB Joshua’s philanthropic activities while he was alive and she replied: “That he gave some people rice doesn’t erase the fact that the man committed some despicable crimes. He used God ‘s name in vain. This is not the first time I am talking about his style of religion. He served another master other than God. That record should be well stated.”