Lagos State Intensifies Actions To Curb Covid-19; Uses Drone To Disperse Gatherings Beyond 10pm {VIDEO}

Very interesting as Lagos state goes high-tech to curb the misbehavior of its residents. RRS surveillnace drone were seen deployed to disperse people gathered beyond the stipulated curfew period.

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A voice can be heard from the technology warming the offices for going beyond the state government stipulated working time; “We are RRS Officers from Lagos state. What you are doing is illegal, still selling by this time of the day; you have contravened law of the land. You have suppose to have locked-up your shop since, curfew starts by 10:0 clock, your remaining here shows you are going against laws of the land. We hereby give you three minutes to pack up, locked your shop immediately. If anybody found here after three minutes would be arrested.” The drone announced.


Please maintain physical distance to help curb the spread of Covid-19.

Stay Safe!


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