Kate Henshaw Publicly Snubs Fan Who Tried to Bully Her

Some celebrities today are so used to the borrowed language which is the English language and have forgotten how to speak or do not know how to speak their native languages.

Sometimes, this could be the fault of poor parenting or environment they find themselves but whichever way, to a large extent; there is no excuse for not understanding ones language.

For Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw, she no matter where she goes to, she always loves to associate with her people because they seem to bring her back home than the regular English language.

She recently got into an arguement with a fan who tried to bully her by accusing her of not understanding her language but she had to snub the fellow.

The fan had wrote, “You that cannot speak your ibibio,” but kate sharply replied, “and who are you, If you have nothing to say with the incorrect info you have, why not keep silent?”


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