Justice for Mohbad’s Dad: Nigerians expresses outrage as Mohbad’s “absentee mother” is living in his house and receiving dignitaries while his Father who raised him is Vilified {videos}

A man has pointed out how unfair it is that Mohbad’s mother is the one sympathisers are visiting though it was the singer’s father who raised him. 

While speaking to friends, the young man is heard saying that he is pained because Mohbad’s mother is now in his Lekki home, enjoying AC, after abandoning him and his sister 15 years ago, while his dad who suffered to raise them is being vilified online. 

He added that he knows Mohbad’s father made some controversial utterances in the aftermath of his son’s death, but he excused it, saying not everyone is skilled in communication. 

He said that life is already unfair to men. 

“As a man, life is already leading against you 5-0,” the young man lamented.

Watch him speak in the videos below.