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First off, by saying, “I’m the goddess of the industry, I don’t mean filling up arenas or speaking to be the best, or the sort of unlimited abundance in my shield that could ‘make it rain’ everyday, I mean music and modeling has been my full-time focus that pays bill, and an event I love doing which I’m actually proud of; I have been inspired to write on behalf of the upcoming female artiste and models in the industry who are seeking for means to sustain their ground as a famous and successful artiste. There are a lot of discoveries on ground for the upcoming talented artiste which they can learn from; I’m still applying the discoveries myself and learning everyday from them, I hope this article will help the next generation of conscious artiste trying to let their voices be heard.”

Who am I?
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“I’m Abimbola Queen Oguntominiyi, a musical artiste cum a movie actress with the stage name, Bimbo Queens, also a photo model who hails from Ilesha, Osun state; I’m a 5ft 7in tall dark brown-skinned and short-hair songstress born on the 7th of October, 1992 and a graduate of Computer Technology from East Ukrainian National University, Luhansk UA, with MSc. Information Systems Management, in view, from the University of Salford, Manchester, United Kingdom and currently working with Arems Entertainment Management Company. I can do music and focus on evolving myself to a modellig ambassador to companies; I’m currently building my community and nation as a whole. Most importantly, I will be dropping my new single titled “All Over” for the benefits of my fans (I don’t really like the word ‘fan’ but prefer ‘supporters,’ but for simplicity sake, we will say fan and fan-base here on this article); my hope is we get to gift the economy in the nearest future – meantime, let’s share in the spirit of collaboration and not competition. Here is a tip to also be the goddess of the industry with no rival – just don’t worry about being signed, 95% of signed artistes fail; with those odds, it makes more sense to learn in the new music business on your own – you can stay independent and keep control of your music by learning and applying the principles of marketing to your music – also, get into the Online Marketing Campaign, you may get a few die-hard fans from a show, but that same effort you put into an Online Marketing Campaign, could yield thousands of new die-hard supporters. You can also become the goddess of the industry with zero rival after reading this article.” – Bimbo Queens.

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Please direct all media and press inquiries to “Arems Entertainment”: bookings@bimboqueens.com | +234 (806) 622-1254


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