How to Achieve Greater Economic Growth—Seyi Tinubu


Every country desire to make its economy grow bigger and better and founder of Loatsad Promomedia and Noella Foundation, Mr Seyi Tinubu, has revealed the best way to achieve this.

Speaking during an interview at the launch of Noella Foundation, an initiative birthed by himself and his wife, Mr Tinubu stressed that greater economic growth can be achieved by giving back to the community through various programs and initiatives.

When asked for the motive behind the programs and initiatives he was embarking upon, he responded that, “I think we are in an era like no other where individuals with innovative ideas need to be empowered so they can add value to society.

“Also, I feel individuals who demonstrate winning spirit despite the challenges they go through should also be empowered; and so giving back to the community through various programs and initiatives would help us achieve greater economic growth, which eventually leads to achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).”

According to Mr Tinubu, “The Noella Foundation, birthed from the idea of giving back to humanity. We thought about what we could do to empower people, children and adults alike.

“So, the Foundation is the umbrella body of these initiatives. The maiden initiative of the foundation is the STEP initiative where my passion lies, developing the tech space so we can develop and play on a global scale through technology.

“So, the STEP initiative was to fuel innovative tech startups with mentorship and seed funding of N5 million to enable these young businesses grow with the knowledge and capital provided to them.

“We also go further to ensure that we keep tabs with these startups to ensure that the required growth and expansion is achieved.

“We have other initiatives like scholarship schemes,empowering disabled, welfare schemes, equipping schools with facilities. Theseinitiatives are carried out by the foundation and supported by LoatsadPromomedia.”To Mr Tinubu, who has carved a niche for himselfin advertising, being a young leader and mentoring young minds sees hiscompany’s services as a medium through which brands can thrive in the bestpossible way.



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