HILARIOUS | When Actress Moyo Lawal Became Iya Basirat

HILARIOUS | When Actress Moyo Lawal Became Iya Basirat
The true mark of a great character actor is his or her ability to disappear into a role. And Moyo Lawal has proven again she’s one of today’s most talented.

In a recent movie, the light-skinned actress transformed convincingly into Iya Basirat with tribal marks, confirming her status as a star who fits perfectly into any character she’s required to portray.

Details of the project are still being kept under wraps – including the name – but looking at Moyo’s transformation it appears that the flick is set in a rural area.

Since her return from self-imposed exile, the hour-glass-shaped actress has continued to dazzle the movie scene with her stellar performances.

If you recall, Moyo Lawal started out as a contestant in the ‘Next Movie Star’ TV reality show. She became popular for her lead role in TV series Now We Are Married, and with over 30 movie appearances she is
gradually joining the ranks of top-rated actors in Nigeria.


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