France Agog As Teniola Throws Birthday Bash {photos/video}

Teniola Amope puts France on major standstill as she storms Sweet 16” club for her birthday gala over the weekend.

Teni turned plus one on April 22, 2023. She celebrated with her friends and loved ones at the popular Salle families Francois Solomon, 8, Rue Le Verrier, 76000, Rouen.

The celebrant rocked a mind-blowing outfit that was specially crafted for the luxury soiree. The fête featured amazing performances, exotic food and drinks, amongst other fun activities.

Teni’s family, friends and Nigerian community in France also joined her to make the event a memorable one.

Teniola Amope said she was thankful to God for making her witness another birthday in a chat with respected entertainment journalist, @Faith Irabor of #faithiraboreventsandparties.

She added further, “I appreciate everyone who took their time out to celebrate with me. Those who sent messages through different social media and messaging platforms, and everyone that called me to wish me a happy birthday, I thank you all”.

Clips from the birthday party that has popped up on social media has got admirers talking.

People are expressing shock about how much was involved to put together such a lavish party.

There was food in abundance, drinks in excess, fruits and a giant cake!

Check out the video and photos from the fête below:

Photos by: Karitari