Exposed!!! How Instagram User, Platonic_Wear_Boutique dupes Nigerians, cart away millions of Naira with Fashion Business trick, using Celebrities Pictures as ambassadors


Instagram, one of the leading sites in the world is no longer safe for all of its users as it now harbors criminals. Everyone has been obsessed with this photo sharing website due to its ability to allow everyone share pictures, videos, and a prominent feature which is promoting businesses.
It has been discovered that criminals and frauds have emerged on this website while promoting so-called businesses, ripping a lot of People of their money, wasting their time, carting away millions of naira and many more.
One of the most recent victim who was duped by an instagram user with ID Platonic_Wear_Boutique with real name Kolawole Opeyemi Oyeleye. The victim blubbered to our reporter after the scammer swindled her of certain amount meant for the purchase of some fashion items.
While narrating her ordeal to , she made it known that they met on the social media and developed a business relationship with her and that she wouldn’t have contacted her but due to the fact that she saw these items and even made used of star celebrities like Toke Makinwa as one of her ambassadors through the pictures she posted.
Furthermore, she contacted her and they both talked business and finally came to an agreement to patronize her. Just as it is everywhere, she was expected to make payment for the goods before it can be delivered, which she did, as a loyal customer but unknown to her, an hidden agenda is being carried out underneath. On the supposed day of delivery, the victim called the culprit’s Phone number, sent her messages to know what was going on but it was all to no avail, she was unreachable and till now, she hasn’t gotten back to her.
She revealed that she sent her N14,000 on her Access Bank Account number – 0058570603 for the purchase before she got to discover that she was being duped after the sudden disappearance of Kolawole Opeyemi Oyeleye
Further investigations revealed that the culprit has been doing it for so long and has gotten a lot of Victim.

Below are the business conversations between this victim and the culprit;
However, conquest online made efforts to reach the bank’s Corporate Communications this perpetrator has been using to carts away people hard earn money. If through the account’s BVN code, the felon could be halted. The bank made it known to us that; this could be done if they obtain security operatives’ ordinance then, they could be able to monitor the usage of the account and issue any information about the owner.
As at the time we published, during phone conversations with the victim; ‘‘I have already notified security agency my ordeal and they are ready to start investigating the subject as to quickly avert any other person to fall a victim of these evildoers’’ she said.


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