Ekiti state Governor’s Brother, Isaac Fayose Moves to Build Multi-Million naira Hotel in Abuja + The Exclusive Picture

Governor Fayose’s Junior brother, Isaac Fayose is about to hit the world with a great shock once again as he is set to step up his game in the hospitality business.
The meticulous business man is known for his wise ideas, great impact which has paid off for him over the time.
Knowing fully well that he has a brother in Politics, Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, everyone would think he should also go into politics but authorizations revealed that he has nothing to do with politics and all he has acquired has been through his invented ideas.
Over the years, he has devoted in Hospitality, Security and Entertainment, which are the main key to a wealthy life in this present world. He capitalized in ANIS Guards, Alibi TV, Celeb Lounge, Hotels and many more.
Earlier this year, he was said to have built a gigantic hotel, named Viewpoint Resort Centre in the city of Ibadan and right now; Conquest eagle eyes exclusively gathered that he is currently planning to build a much bigger structure in the Capital of Nigeria, Abuja. These were deep-rooted when we peeped into the business mogul WhatsApp’s account where he uses above picture as his profile picture and immediately, we engaged him in banter. After exchanging of pleasantry, before we could advance to any other conversation, the fashionable Ekiti man has quickly changed his profile picture but, #picture saved already#
The look-alike brother of Ekiti state Governor is no doubt one of the backbones of hospitality business in Nigeria.