Beware Of False Teachers – Prophet Joshua Iginla warns

Popular Prophet, Joshua Iginla has sounded a warning to his members and Nigerians to beware of false teachers of God’s word who are preaching God’s grace in the wrong way. He said a false Prophet is still better than a false teacher because a False Prophet can only mislead an individual but a false teacher can make the world lose everything.
Using some bible references, he explained critically how a lot of the so called men of God have led their members wrong in the things of God
In his words’
‘Any message that says when you become born again you are free from all your sins is right , but anyone that says once you are a believer and you sin, because you are born again, you are free, It’s a lie’.
They have turned the grace of God to sexual desires.
They make young ones live in sin without the fear of God. Any message as such is heresy and from the pit of hell. The message can’t stand the test of time. If you want to teach grace, teach it well but don’t add the accessories of sin to grace. Any message that encourages sin is a comedy.
False teachers are worst than worst prophets. I teach grace, this new age grace message encouraging sin is dangerous . It is removing the ancient landmark’.
When I hear some pastors teaching against tithe and offering, yet they are very good in raising funds, they say tithe and offering is old testament but still collect it.
Native doctors, witches are there but they have decided to wage war against men of God of their type’
There are some revelation made for a man of God consumption, not to be shared. When a mother and father know making love isn’t a sin but when it is done in the presence of their 5 year old child, its an error. They are only making the child reckless. That is what some men of God are doing’

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