BENUE KILLINGS : ‘I’m willing to offer myself to Protect the people’ – Governor, Samuel Ortom




GOVERNOR Samuel Ortom of Benue State has vowed to protect the people of the state in line with the oat of office he swore to by telling the truth to those that are saddled with responsibility to protect the citizens of Nigeria.

The Governor regretted that those that have the responsibility to stop the killings of innocent citizens by suspected Fulani herdsmen have refused to live up to their responsibility and decided to insult him for condemning the atrocity, saying that the era of promoting sycophancy and mediocrity was over. Speaking to newsmen weekend, he said that though some people had planned to attack him, he had decided to offer himself like a sacrificial lamb to ensure that the truth that had long been suppressed prevailed in the country.

According to him, “The Bible says ‘you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.’ Nigeria today, we have no business being where we are. We would have been far ahead of where we are today. It is just that for a long time, we have suppressed the truth. “But the truth is that I have decided to offer myself. If it will require me to pay the supreme sacrifice for saying the truth, I am ready to do it because the time has come that we must stop promoting sycophancy and mediocrity. “We must promote the truth. We must respect the constitution and the rule of law. The constitution and the law of our land is the only thing that can guide us to greater height. “It is the only thing that can lead us to where we want to be. It is only thing that can promote and project us to rank with other countries that are doing well. “Was it not just yesterday we said ‘Ghana must go?’ Why is it that on West African soil today the whole world is turning their attention whether in investment or whatever? Ghana has become a reference point against Nigeria.”



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