Fidelity Bank Debunks Fake Story, Releases CCTV Footage at ATM Gallery

In the wake of a very stinking and rather distasteful development in the social media, foremost e-rated commercial financial house, Fidelity Bank, has released a statement addressing the viral obscene video which is said to have been seen on a tablet in one of their banking halls in Lagos state.

The financial institution noted that the tablets are only provided to enhance the experience of their users. In the statement, the bank also added that it was “dishonourable” for customers to visit inappropriate sites, using their platform. Apparently, a customer visited an inappropriate site on one of the tablets provided for customers use to perpetrate this unwholesome act. They however assured that there would be no repeat of the incident, if at all it ever happened. For the avoidance of doubt and clarity of purpose on the side of Fidelity Bank, their reaction, signed by Charles Aigbe, Divisional Head, Brand and Communications, is presented to you unedited:


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