​Meet Temitope Precious Olanusi, CEO of Nigeria’s leading Make-up outfit, Gifted hands creation


Beauty, they say lies in the eyes of the beholder, but it only takes a gifted hand to make a presentable beauty.

In our present age, Beauty has gone beyond being natural alone, as that isn’t enough to qualify what beauty is, beauty has gotten to the level of making use of the artificial to enhance the natural to make it an explosive one.


No doubt, this has been rampant in the world as a whole and the services of makeup artistes can’t be under estimated, however, the quality and professionalism of your make up artists determines your level of beauty.

One of Nigeria’s leading make up artist outlet, Gifted hands creation owned by Precious Olanusi is definitely one of the most qualified to be in the category of the best of the best, judging by the testimonies of some of the clients she has worked with.

She has been into the business since 2010, which makes it 8 years and started the business out of her passion to enhance people’s look.

One of the events that has shaped her career are the several jobs she has done with great icons in the movie industry because she does more of production makeup and special effects.

The stars she has worked with include kolade Segun okeowo, Segun Adegbiji, Doyin Hassan, Emmauel Akinsola, to mention a few.

Meanwhile, she is a graduate of the prestigious University of Lagos, studied creative arts (Theatre Arts major) and also an alumni of Olivet Baptist High School, Oyo.

One of the things that stands the ondo born makeup artist is her affordable price, you don’t have to break the bank to employ her services.

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